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Company vision:

B & N Crane Repairs is dedicated to developing the growth of the company and its employees.  We aspire to repair, rebuild and service cranes as professionally and efficiently as possible as our goals and objectives are to provide excellent customer service, work ethics and support to the general public. At B & N Crane Repairs we value our customers dearly and we endeavor to provide an outstanding crane repair service.
We aim to incorporate a safe working environment for our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and the general public by modeling and implementing codes of practices, legislations and regulations.

Who we are:

B & N Crane Repairs have incorporated Diesel Fitters, Mechanics, Fabricators and Auto Electronic Trades Personnel with over 20 years experience in the crane industry to professionally and efficiently rebuild cranes in every area.

We are official and proud members of the CICA.

We have vast experience in all brands and types of cranes, platform lifts, forklift trucks, pendulum bearers, piling rigs and other heavy equipment.

What we do:

We specialise in 10 yearly rebuilds, 25 yearly rebuilds, diagnostics, servicing, installations, authorised insurance repairs as well as repairs and maintenance to all cranes and machinery, fabrication, boom repairs, manufacturing and more!

We offer sales, service, installations and support on all Robway products.  We have a range of products that service the needs for any type of safe lifting application; from basic load monitoring to systems far more complex including GPS tracking systems, Cellular controlled systems via sms and Recorded data logged events with monitoring systems for engines, alarms and various safety conditions.



'Training and Consulting in various areas of Papua New Guinea'