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B & N Crane Repairs is an Australian owned and operated business which has successfully held its own, competing against many international companies for the last 12 years.  It has been owned and managed by the same team of experts in the crane industry since its formation, each with their own 20 plus years of experience.  

Well CICA is over again for another year.  Being in Adelaide, B & N Cranes didnt have a stand this year, but next time this event is held in Queensland, we will definatley put B & N Crane Repairs on show yet again.  CICA 2012 was a great success and Troy and Anne enjoyed the few days of catching up with others in industry, and getting up to date with all the latest information. 

 Most relevant to us was the introduction to the new and improved LSI Robway!  B & N Crane Repairs have always been Robway specialsits, and we recently had Troy and Cameron visit HQ for some additional training on the new LSI products that we will also now specialise in.  Now offering both wired and wireless Load systems, we are able to meet all the needs of our customers when it comes to crane safety!

Hit our Gallery button, to see photos of the recent CICA!

Need a crane?? Our Cranes for sale tab above shows any cranes we may have for sale at the moment. Hit ‘used’ or ‘new ‘depending on what machinery you are looking for. 


Take a minute to watch this video for things you 'should not do with cranes'!!

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